Wallpaper friezes and murals BY IRMA FIORENTINI

Irma Fiorentini, classical murals, wallpaper borders
Irma Fiorentini

This is a collection of borders  and murals on wallpaper that range from classical to modern style. The designs are by Irma Fiorentini, Italian Mural Artist and Designer.

After 25 years of working with private clients around the world, Irma has launched her first open Collection of classical decorations on wallpaper, which are now available for online purchase.

These designs are created from Irma's original hand-paintings and display the art of fresco and wall decoration at its finest.

With these elements, you will be able to decorate your walls and ceilings with ease and create the same look as a hand-crafted interior with stunning results.

The Collection also contains works of Scenery, Trompe l'Oeil and a range of other decorative elements for creative wall designs.     

We hope you enjoy the Collection. Send us your email if you would like to stay notified as we add new designs.